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From adding shrubs and flowers that make your yard or business stand out in the neighborhood, to creating an outdoor living space that will be enjoyed for years to come, Green Meadows Lawnscape has over two decades of landscaping experience to help you create your dreams. Our full range of landscaping services are available to residential homes, businesses and commercial property in the greater Detroit, Michigan area, including Shelby Township, Macomb Township, Sterling Heights, Troy and Rochester Hills.

Design & Installation

In landscaping, design and installation go hand in hand. At Green Meadows Lawnscape, our dedicated designers and professional landscapers work closely with you to create the outdoor space for your home or business that you’ve always desired.

The design process begins with an on-site consultation to meet with you, discuss your visions and to assess the property on which the landscaping is going to be installed. Next, we carefully create drawings of your vision detailing the entire project for your approval.

Once the landscape design has been approved, we start the installation process and bring the design to life. During this process, we are in constant communication with you and once the project is completed, we make sure we leave each property where we work in pristine condition.

At Green Meadows Lawnscape, we believe in creating sustainable landscapes that will bring beauty and function to your property for years to come. This means we take extra time and care in regards to tree placement, shading requirements based on species, proper drainage and erosion control. Green Meadows Lawnscape has over two decades of landscaping experience to help bring your vision to life. Check out a few of the most frequently used landscape services below.

Garden Bed Construction

Gardening has regained popularity over the past several years as people realize the benefits of growing and consuming their own herbs, fruits and vegetables. Garden bed construction is the first step to growing a beautiful garden that produces beautiful flowers and vegetables. Green Meadows Lawnscape builds garden beds that are both functional and visually appealing. Leave the building to us to seamlessly integrate garden beds into your property.

Tree & Shrub Planting

When planting trees and shrubs, there are several important factors to take into consideration. How well the trees and shrubs thrive depend on shade, sunlight, soil and other influences. When designing your landscape or integrating trees and shrubs into an existing landscape, Green Meadows Lawnscape will work with you to determine the best type of trees and shrubs based on environmental conditions and your landscaping vision. We then expertly install the trees and shrubs with proper planting procedures so that you can enjoy your new landscape additions for years to come.

Rock Installation

Using rock in your landscape design is one way to add further visual appeal. Rocks vary in size, shape and color depending on type, which results in endless design possibilities. From showcasing your favorite flower bed in brightly colored rock to lining shrubs and trees, Green Meadows Lawnscape will create your vision on time and within budget.

Top Soil Installation

Leave the lifting and the spreading to Green Meadows Lawnscape! With over two decades of landscaping experience, we have the tools and the knowledge to quickly install top soil. Whether it’s for a new landscape design or you simply need to replenish your current top soil levels, we handle it all.

Mulch Installation

Mulch is often at the forefront of every landscape design as it’s used in so many different places and types of applications. Mulch not only brings beauty to your landscape’s design, but it also provides your flowers, trees and shrubs with the growing environment that they need.

Boulder Installation

Boulders can be used as focal elements in landscape designs or they can be used for building walls or to just add a striking visual effect. Small boulders make beautiful additions to landscaping around in ground pools and they can integrate seamlessly with existing landscape elements. Green Meadows Lawnscape expertly installs boulders to help you create the landscape that you’ve always wanted.

Annual Flower Installation

Leave the planting to Green Meadows Lawnscape with our annual flower installation services. Our expert flower installers are trained and experienced with proper planting procedures, including the required levels of shade and sun, along with planting depth and the type of top soil the flowers will best thrive in. By choosing professional planning and installation services, your flowers will be healthy and look fantastic all through the entire growing season.

Ponds & Water Features

Now’s the time to start exploring pond or water features for your landscape. Not only do ponds and water features add allure and charm to your landscape, but they also function with the ecosystem. Many property owners choose to stock their pond with fish, but other water features such as waterfalls and water gardens can also attract butterflies and birds which add to the serenity of your property’s landscape.

Green Meadows Lawnscape will help you choose the right type and style of pond or water features for your property and then expertly install it to your specifications.

Landscaping Lighting

Landscape lighting is the perfect way to show off your property. From highlighting brightly colored flowers and plants to showcasing a long and winding driveway leading up to your home, Green Meadows Lawnscape will create and install a landscape lighting design that will enhance your property and landscaping features effortlessly.

Green Meadows Lawnscape takes great pride being metropolitan Detroit’s premier landscape designer and installer. For more information on our services or to request your quote today, call us at 586-254-7775.