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Green Meadows Lawnscape provides comprehensive irrigation services in the greater Detroit, Michigan area, including Shelby Township, Macomb Township, Sterling Heights, Troy and Rochester Hills. By trusting the experts at Green Meadows Lawnscape, you can depend on your irrigation system to function properly and get the job done all summer long.

Spring Start Up

When you’re ready to start up your irrigation system in the spring, Green Meadows Lawnscape will perform a thorough inspection, remove debris, make any needed adjustments to the sprinkler heads and program the system. By having us perform your irrigation system’s spring start up, we can eliminate common problems or issues that may arise due to the system being off over the winter months.


Michigan winters are often cold and harsh, leaving your irrigation system exposed to the elements. Green Meadows Lawnscape will winterize your irrigation system, ensuring the water source has been properly shut off and that the system has been completely drained to prevent water from freezing the pipes, which can lead to cracked and leaking pipes.


To keep your lawn and landscape in its prime condition, it’s important to have any issues with your irrigation system repaired as soon as possible. If your irrigation system isn’t working properly, leave it to the experts at Green Meadows Lawnscape. We can accurately assess where the problem is stemming from and have repairs made quickly in order to minimize downtime. Whether your zones need adjustment, your sprinkler heads are clogged or you are having issues with broken pipes, count on Green Meadows Lawnscape for superior service.


Regularly scheduled irrigation maintenance is the most cost effective way of preventing problems with your system. Scheduled maintenance can help prevent clogged sprinkler heads, low pressure issues, leaking or broken valves and malfunctioning control systems, to name a few of the common problems which can occur if irrigation systems are not regularly maintained.

For all of your irrigation system needs in the Michigan counties of Macomb, Oakland and Wayne, contact Green Meadows Lawnscape at 586-254-7775.