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Landscaping Restoration

Landscape restoration is beneficial to both the environment and the people who live and work in the restored area. A restored landscape can help improve ecological function, while also enhancing visual appeal. Whether you have an overgrown landscape, lawn that hasn’t been maintained in years or an old parking lot to work with, Green Meadows Lawnscape has the knowledge and experience needed for successful landscape restoration.

We provide our landscape restoration services to residential properties, businesses and commercial properties in metropolitan Detroit, Michigan and the surrounding communities. Green Meadows Lawnscape is MDOT pre-qualified, which enables us to do business with Michigan’s Department of Transportation throughout the entire state.

Sod Installation & Restoration

Sod installation can quickly transform a bare or run down looking lawn into an appealing green landscape. Sod installations can cover complete lawns or it can be used to seamlessly integrate with existing grass. Whether you need sod for a new construction site or you’re in need of sod restoration services, Green Meadows Lawnscape can help you create the lawn and landscape you desire for your home, business or commercial property. Our expert sod installers are continuously educated, trained and have numerous years of experience creating or restoring lawns in metro Detroit and the surrounding communities.

Landscape Transplanting & Reproduction

Gardening has regained popularity over the past several years as people realize the benefits of growing and consuming their own herbs, fruits and vegetables. Garden bed construction is the first step to growing a beautiful garden that produces beautiful flowers and vegetables. Green Meadows Lawnscape builds garden beds that are both functional and visually appealing. Leave the building to us to seamlessly integrate garden beds into your property.

Tree & Shrub Planting

Improper removal and re-planting of shrubs, trees and plants can have a devastating effect and oftentimes results in an unsuccessful transplant. Let Green Meadows Lawnscape’s experienced experts handle the factors that go into successful landscape transplanting, such as soil, the best time of year to perform the transplant, the proper depth of planting, handling of the plants or shrubs, fertilization and support.

Hydro-Seeding, Straw

Hydro-seeding is a quick and efficient planting process that involves a slurry containing seed and mulch. Vast areas can be covered in a short amount of time and grass can often be seen shortly after planting has taken place.

Green Meadows Lawnscape also provides traditional broadcast seed planting services. With broadcast seed, the seed is spread and then covered with straw and a tackifying agent added to help keep it in place and maintain moisture.

Green Meadows also installs pre-fabricated mulch blankets which offer excellent soil erosion protection in any soil condition. Depending on the slope angle, slope length and soil conditions, biodegradable mulch blankets are effective in promoting seed germination, preventing soil erosion and reinforcing turf root structure.

At Green Meadows Lawnscape, we work closely with our customers to determine the best approach to seeding. Whether you have a large yard or a small section that needs to be filled in, we can help you achieve the lawn that you’ve always dreamed of.

For all of your landscape restoration needs throughout the entire state of Michigan, contact us today at 586-254-7775 to request your quote or to receive more information.